How Much Does Forced Air Heating Cost Monthly?

Utility bills are something that every homeowner must unfortunately consider when moving into a new home or area. One thing that you should take into consideration is your heating costs and if forced air heating is the right choice for you.

While all heating comes with a price, you may actually save by switching to this form of heating. 

The average cost of forced air heating in a home is approximately $100 to $200 per month. The exact cost will vary widely depending on factors such as:

  • Size of the home
  • Average outside temperature
  • Insulation rating of the home

Forced air heating tends to be easier to install compared to radiant heating as well. Most homeowners can utilize their central air conditioning unit for this style of heating, saving them on installation costs substantially.

If you are still not certain about this heating style, learn more about all of the amazing pros below!  

What Exactly is Forced Air Heating and Why Is It Cheaper? 

Forced air heating is highly efficient at warming homes, saving your hundreds each year on utility costs.

However, before we can jump into the costs of forced air heating and its pros and cons, it is important that you know exactly what this style of heating is.

Forced air heating pushes the air through ducts and vents that are located throughout your home.

This hot air originates from a connected unit that either heats or cools.

You may have heard of a central air system, which is often found outside the home and uses similar ducts and vents. 

The main difference between forced air heating and a central air system is that the air used in forced air heating comes from inside of your home.

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This air is either pulled or pushed from your home, depending on if you need heat or air.

This can sound confusing but is actually a very effective method of cooling and heating the home. 

The Costs of Forced Air Heating

On average, other heating systems are more expensive than forced air heating.

The installation process tends to be easier and less costly, making these systems more budget friendly.

Also, forced air heating tends to be more efficient than radiant heating. 

It is hard to be a price tag on your priced air heating system because there are several variables.

Some things that will affect your overall monthly costs for these systems are:

  • Whether you use an electric or gas furnace, a heat pump, or hydraulic coils
  • The size of your home
  • If you need new duct work installed
  • If you already have a cooling system or central air system that can incorporate forced air heating
  • Your preferred temperature

For most homes, forced air is the most cost-effective way to heat the home and has the lowest installation costs.

You can expect to pay a maximum cost of $2,600 for your heating furnace and a minimum of $775.

For a lower cost forced air heating system, you can pay as low as $1,000.

If you would like to learn more about the average costs of forced air heating installation in your area, you can get an estimate here

The Pros and Cons of Forced Air Heating

While forced air heating is a great choice for many homes, it is important that you weigh the pros and cons of this heating style for your home.

The overall costs of these systems is often lower, but it may not be the perfect fit for your needs.

Browse this list of pros and cons before making any final decisions on your heating needs. 

Pros of Forced Air Heating

Forced air brings many advantages, as we’ll outline below.

Energy Efficient

Forced air heating often uses natural gas, which is one of the most affordable substances that you can utilize for your home.

Comparative to water or electricity, natural gas is cheaper and cleaner for the environment.

Forced air heating has advanced over time to allow for these systems to provide you with more efficiency, heating your home effectively for less.

Lowered Heating Time

Most homeowners prefer forced air heating because these systems are more effective at warming their homes.

The air is heated then quickly pumped throughout the home using your ductwork and vents.

This does not take much time compared to other systems and can warm every room in your home.

They are Reliable

If you live in an area that has unreliable electricity, this can lead to no heat during cold months when it is critical.

Many heat pumps have a higher probability of breaking down as well. However, forced air heating systems are very reliable. 

The ducts used are often more durable than other systems, helping them withstand frequent use.

Also, there are few working parts, making it less likely for things to break down. Forced air heating is actually one of the most reliable systems you can add to your home.

Simple Installation

We touched on the low costs of installing a forced air heating system, but they are actually very simple to install.

You never have to make major changes to your home and can utilize ducts or systems you already have in place.

While you still want to consult an expert team for this installation, it should be a relatively quick and easy process.

The Cons of Forced Air Heating

While there are many pros to this style system, there are always a few hurdles when it comes to heating your home. Here’s some negatives to keep in mind.

Health Risks

The air used in forced air heating systems is being circulated throughout your home time and again.

While this can be a more effective heating system, it can also mean that dust, particles, and even mold can be carried throughout your home.

Unfortunately, mold can grow inside the unit and be pushed through your home, making regular cleaning critical.

Mismatched Heating

When you use a forced air heating system, there is only one thermostat that controls all rooms.

The negative to this is that not all rooms will heat evenly, and you may have cooler rooms that are not getting the extra heat needed.

The location of these rooms and the ductwork can cause some areas to be warmer and some cooler. 

They Can Be Noisy

While these systems have advanced greatly over time and are much quieter than in the past, there is still a level of noise.

However, almost any heating system you consider will have a certain level of noise you must deal with.

You can hire an amazing installation team to help you, but there is still practically no way to eliminate noises entirely. 

Finicky Ductwork

You will want to ensure that your ductwork is high quality and built to last.

While these systems are often highly reliable, you always have a risk of leakage occurring.

You will want to ensure you work with a team that can design a quality system for your home.

If you notice that your home is not heating as effectively as before, you may want to have your ducts checked for leaks.

In addition to lowering the efficiency, leaks in your ductwork can also lead to pollutants in your home.

You may also notice a spike in your heating bills, which is a telltale sign your ducts are leaking.

You want to contact a team quickly for maintenance work if you suspect an issue.

Forced Air Heating: Cheap and Efficient 

If you are considering a new heating system for your home, forced air heating is a great option for lowering your costs and increasing efficiency.

These systems are inexpensive to install and come with far more pros than cons.

Of course, you will want to consult an expert to see if this is the right choice for your home and get a final installation quote, but most homeowners love their forced air heating systems.

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