Heat Pump And Gas Furnace Combo? 5 Great Benefits

Homeowners will rely on either their gas furnace or their heat pump to keep the temperature at a decent amount that will keep them warm and cozy, but which one is more beneficial in the long run?

Some people would rather prefer one over the other, but is it possible to have both?

You can have both a heat pump and gas furnace in your home in what is known as a hybrid heating system. A hybrid heating system responds to changing temperatures and naturally acclimates to the most productive method of saving energy. As a result, your energy bills will be lower. 

The only thing that matters when it comes to having sufficient heat in your home is to ensure that no matter where it comes from, the heat will spread throughout the home so everyone is warm and comfortable.

So why is it better for homeowners to invest in hybrid heating systems? We can explain!

Why Should You Choose A Hybrid Heating System?  

A Hybrid heating system is the perfect combination of heat and air that circulate throughout your home all-year round.

Instead of spending more money trying to maintain two separate systems (i.e. an air conditioner or a gas furnace), you can get the two-in-one altogether to sustain a consistent temperature in your home.

Benefits of Having A Heat Pump And Gas Furnace (Hybrid) System

According to Brennans HVAC, the best benefit to having a hybrid heating system is that when the temperature goes underneath the ability of the electric heat pump to warm your home, the gas furnace will turn on to circulate and spread the warmth throughout the home.

Heat pump and gas furnace combo system
Image Credit: Rheem

The best part about this is the system is programmable, which means you can set the temperature to whatever you like that will make you the most comfortable. 

According to American Heat, other benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • No supplemental heat source during the winter months
  • Saving energy throughout the year
  • Efficient energy and cost savings
  • Ideal for climates with extremely cold weather while heating costs are reduced 
  • Environmentally friendly

Not only does the supply of heat and air within the system provide decent temperatures for both the warm and cold seasons, but it helps to save energy and money in the long run. 

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Disadvantages of Using A Hybrid Heating System

Even though hybrid heating systems can be great for those who are looking to save both energy and money, it comes with its downside as well.

According to Jon Wayne Heating and Air, even though it can increase the level of comfort for everyone in the home, the design of all HVACs can be hard because not everyone will share the same comfort levels. 

Another disadvantage is that the cost for new installation may be substantially high due to its complex design.

Even with the expenses that would need to be paid up front for the initial installation, the homeowners will get to profit in the end because they will be able to save hundreds of dollars for utility bills throughout the year.

Best Brands of Hybrid Heating Systems

Now that you know the basics of how a heat pump and gas furnace system operates, you should also know which brands would be the best to have for your home.  Some of the best brands include:

  • Carrier
  • Rheem
  • Heil
  • Goodman
  • Lennox

The best part about these brands is that they create heat pumps that are compatible with gas furnaces.

The furnaces can produce a sufficient amount of heat and air throughout the year.

These brands are highly recommended for everyone who are looking for something that will keep your home cool in the warm seasons and warm in the cold

How Much Does It Cost for Installation?

The price for installation varies depending on the company that you wish to use, but that’s not the only factor that can contribute to its set cost.

Other factors such as the efficiency, the brand, the model, and furnace can all attribute and determine the final price of the hybrid based on its design.

To give a little bit more insight and detail as to how the cost is determined, here is a chart that displays the brand and its factors that will lead to its set price:

BrandModelEfficiencyFurnaceEfficiencyInstallation Cost
CarrierInfinity 1617.5 / 9.5**Infinity 9696.7$8,800
RheemClassic RP1616 / 10Classic R95P95$8,300
HeilQuiet Comfort1516 / 9Quiet Comfort 9696.2$7,750
GoodmanGSZ1616 / 9GMEC9696$6,800
LenoxElite XP1617 / 9.5Elite EL296V96$8,650

In the first efficiency column, the first number displayed is for the SEER cooling, which is the Season Energy Efficiency Ratio.

The SEER measures the cooling efficiency that’s coming from either an air conditioner, heat pump, or a hybrid heating system. 

The second number is the HPSF, which is the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. This measures the heating efficiency that comes from a heating pump. 

According to Lennox, “A more efficient heat pump will result in less energy use and increased energy savings over the life of the system, compared to a less efficient heat pump.”

Not only do you need to know how much it’ll cost to install a hybrid heating system into your home, but it’s important that you know the brands.

Having knowledge of the different factors that come with each brand is just as important as knowing the quality of the brand itself.

Having the right HVAC that will give you the right amount of warming and cooling power that will spread throughout your home can further improve comfort for everyone in your home!

More Money, Less Problems!

As stated earlier, one of the best advantages of having a heat pump and gas furnace combo is that you get to save money on utilities throughout the year.

Not only will investing in a hybrid create an atmosphere that is more environmentally friendly, but you can save more money and have less worries financially as well!

Having both heating and cooling features all in one unit can decrease the amount of money you spend on your bills, especially since it uses less units of power to distribute its temperature and energy throughout the home. 

In fact, you may end up paying nearly one-third of the cost you spend on your monthly bills using other heating equipment.

Imagine having the benefit of not worrying about the significant amount of money you normally pay for heating and cooling with just a standard gas furnace and air conditioner system.

You family will be happier in a home that provides great warmth and cool temperatures during the year. Everyone wins!

Be Comfy, Save More, Be Happy!

There’s so much responsibility when it comes to maintaining a home; there shouldn’t be any added stress that you don’t need.

It’s already difficult to keep a home up to par the way that it should be, so why make things more complicated?

Take the first step to ensure happiness physically, environmentally, and financially when installing an HVAC hybrid heating system. 

Having a hybrid heating system in the home where you can get both heat and air from the same unit will cut down the costs tremendously while applying sufficient energy throughout the home that is so convenient that no one will ever want to leave!


Now that you know the advantages of having a heat pump and gas furnace system over a traditional setup, it becomes clear why you might want to consider one for yourself. Once you know what type of HVAC system you have, you can determine whether changing to a hybrid system makes sense for you.

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