Duct Cleaning After Renovation. Do I Really Need It?

With the prevailing uncertainty regarding duct cleaning, it is helpful to know if cleaning your duct is needful. If you are unclear about the needfulness of duct cleaning, then this guide is for you.

This guide will clear your doubts and also help you make informed decisions about duct cleaning. 

You must clean your ducts after renovation, due to the massive amounts of dust raised during such projects. There is a high chance these particles will become trapped in your duct. As a result, there is a need for duct cleaning. 

So, knowing that you need to clean your ducts after renovation, what next? Here, we will explain how to go about cleaning your ducts and answer your questions about duct cleaning, as well as cleaning services.

Is Duct Cleaning A Waste of Money?

No, duct cleaning is not a waste of money and is worth it when done right. Cleaning your ducts offers a lot of benefits, especially after renovation, as you will see below.

Duct cleaning rids your Home of Dust Remnants 

Duct cleaning is an efficient way to remove renovation debris entirely from your home.

These substances kicked into the air during renovation might be harmful and will likely get stuck to the duct surface.

Therefore, to eliminate them from your home, you should clean your ducts thoroughly after renovation.

Duct Cleaning Prevent Allergic Reactions. 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says there is a possible chance of allergies occurring due to clogged ducts.

Cleaning them will clear out allergens and irritants, hence, promoting healthier living.

Duct Cleaning Improves Your HVAC Performance. 

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The massive dirt thrown up during home renovation can stick to your duct surface and clog up your air filter.

This may affect the duct’s performance by reducing the amount of airflow into your home. Therefore, cleaning your duct and air filters will improve the efficiency of your HVAC.

Duct Cleaning Eliminates Unpleasant Smells from Your Home

Several issues, in your ductwork, can affect your home’s air quality. These include:

  • Animal and insect droppings, 
  • Cigar smoke, accumulated dust, 
  • Mold 

Having your ducts cleaned will go a long way to prevent or remove the stench from your home. 

Duct Cleaning Improves Your Home Air Quality

Home renovations generate a large amount of contaminant, especially if it involves tearing down a wall.

These contaminants are recirculated, on average, 5 to 7 times per day through your HVAC system.

As a result, they build up in your duct and alter your home’s air quality. Cleaning your duct will help reduce these contaminants in your home space.

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How Duct Cleaning Works

An efficient duct cleaning procedure employs a process known as negative pressure technology.

It involves four steps, which represent a brief on how professional duct cleaners will go about cleaning your duct. The steps are:

  • A visual inspection of your duct to know the level of dust buildup in the duct.
  • Creating negative pressure using a portable or truck-mounted vacuum collection device.
  • Removal of the dust particles using different rotating brushes, compressed air tools, and portable vacuum cleaners
  • General cleaning of the rest of the HVAC system.

However, it is also possible to clean your ducts yourself. It is a fairly easy task and can help you save.

Here is a guide to cleaning your air ducts yourself. It covers the four steps already mentioned:

  • Shut off the heat and cool mode on your thermostat and set it to “fan on” mode. The fan will help move loose dust particles while cleaning. If your thermostat is an older version and does not support the “fan-only” setting, run the heat instead.
  • Use the power drills to remove screws from the air duct covers and return-air grill plates.
  • Cover the supply air vents with paper towels or cloths. The supply vents are those through which air or heat flow into the room. You have to seal the vents to prevent dust and dirt from blowing into your room. 
  • Wipe and clean the mouth of the vent as much as possible. To further clear dirt from the mouth of the vent, use a hand-held leaf blower to clean the vent’s mouth.
  • Dust and clean the return air and supply vents with a brush and water
  • Remove the panels covering the furnace to clean the blower and return air boot. Clean the furnace fan, too, and remove the old filter.
  • Clear the dust in the ducts using the bristle brush. To help break up clumps of dust in the duct, tap the accessible areas of the ducts using the brush. This will help break up those clumps.
  • Gently lift the supply register to clean the ductwork, using a drill and a flexible brush to loosen the dirt. Suction out the dirt blown out by the fan using the vacuum. Stick the hose of the vacuum deep into the duct to remove any built-up dust not blown by the fan.
  • Using a clean cloth (a damp microfiber cloth works best), reach into the duct as far as you can and wipe the interior clean. 
  • Shut off the fan, replace the old filter with a new one and cover up the furnace cavity

What Equipment is Needed for Duct Cleaning?

There is a long list of equipment used for duct cleaning, ranging from truck-mounted equipment to simple portable vacuums. You will find below a list of duct-cleaning materials. 

  • Heavy-duty gloves, mask, and goggles. 
  • New air filter.
  • Stiff bristle brush, or vent brush, A toilet brush is a possible alternative.
  • Drill-powered duct brush.
  • Powerful vacuum with a long hose.
  • Power drill or a screwdriver
  • Cleaning cloth.
  • Leaf blower (optional).
  • Paper towels or rags.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Getting a professional duct cleaning service requires your discretion. This is because there is a lot of options to consider when choosing one.

If the service provider does a terrible job, you may end up introducing more dust into your home.

To ensure that the company you are about to hire is a certified one, you should contact the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

If you are looking for the best price, contact at least three cleaning service providers to get the best price.  Here are some things to do before choosing a duct cleaning service.

  • Beware of duct cleaning companies with claims that they are endorsed, approved, or certified by EPA (Environmental protection agency). EPA does not certify, endorse, or approve duct cleaning companies.
  • Check their reviews to make sure that other customers were satisfied with their service. Ensure that you confirm the company’s credibility from trustable sources.
  • Be sure to know how much the service provider charges. Agree with the service provider on the total cost before they begin their work.
  • If your remodeling contractor is trustworthy, he might be able to recommend a reliable air duct cleaning company. Most contractors and air duct cleaning companies often maintain a strong relationship. 
  • If you are entrusting the hiring of a cleaning company to the contractor, consider adding the cleaning expenses to the renovation fee.
  • Make sure that they use efficient cleaning procedures that will pose no harm to your health, your home, or your pet.
  • Ensure the service provider has enough experience cleaning ducts and does not flout the NADCA’s air duct cleaning standards.

Duct Cleaning DIY: Can I Clean My Air Ducts Myself?

If you are looking to save some money, then you should consider cleaning your ducts yourself.

A DIY duct cleaning may appear daunting initially, but it is not always as demanding as it seems.

The most important thing is to understand the different vent types and get the relevant materials for the project.

However, if you have never done a DIY duct cleaning, care must be taken to guarantee your safety. Here are some things to note when performing a DIY:

  • It may take longer to clean your duct than you have projected.
  • You will probably not achieve the same results as professional duct cleaning companies.
  • You could damage your duct, especially if it is made with flex. Flex ducts can easily be punctured while cleaning, which can, in turn, affect its efficiency.
  • You might come across molds, animal, and insects’ droppings while cleaning. So, it would be best if you took care as they are toxic compounds.

How Often Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends cleaning your ducts every three to five years.

Duct cleaning can also be done intuitively, especially in situations that involve large amounts of dust, such as during renovations.

How Much Does Duct Cleaning Cost?

If you are looking to contact a professional duct cleaning service, the cost usually ranges from $300 to $500. The price is generally set based on certain factors, which are:

  • The accessibility of the duct 
  • Degree of contamination of duct
  • The size of the duct to be cleaned
  • The climate condition of the region

Get Your Ducts Cleaned Today!

Cleaning your duct after renovation is a good idea and safeguards the health of both you and your family.

Duct cleaning ensures that the dirt and dust particles remaining in the duct are removed from your home.

Don’t wait until the dust in your duct accumulates. Have it cleaned after renovation. You’ll be glad you did.

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