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Honeywell Thermostat Says Temporary? Easy Explanation Why

If you want your thermostat to operate effectively, you would have to pay attention to what the device has to say.

A Honeywell thermostat says ‘temporary’ on its display, when the device has been placed on a temporary hold. This means that someone had adjusted the temperature; the thermostat will get back to its normal schedule only once the temporary hold expires or gets turned off.

Why Your Honeywell Thermostat Says Temporary

On a Honeywell thermostat, a message that says ‘temporary’ indicates that the device is on a temporary hold.

During this period, the thermostat will keep the temperature in your house at a certain setting. Once the temporary hold expires, the device will get back to its normal schedule.

You get to decide when the temporary hold should expire. You can also increase or decrease the temperature that is on hold.

How Long Is Honeywell Thermostat On Temporary?

The temporary hold can be canceled at any time. If you don’t manually cancel the setting, then the thermostat will return back to its schedule when the temporary hold expires (you can set the exact time).

However, this temporary period cannot last for more than 12 hours.

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How Do I Turn Off Temporary Hold on Honeywell Thermostat?

You would have to select one of these options to cancel the temporary hold (the exact wording would depend on the thermostat’s model):

  • Run
  • Run schedule
  • Cancel
  • Cancel hold
  • Use schedule
  • Remove hold

Honeywell Thermostat Temporary Override

Smart thermostats have a certain schedule that they follow. They will warm up or cool down your house to a set temperature that is different for each period of the day (Wake, Sleep, etc.).

For example, you might have programmed your thermostat to bring the house to a cooler temperature during bedtime, and that’s exactly what the device will continue to do every day.

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To temporarily override the temperature setting, you should simply press up/down or +/-. In such a way, you can immediately adjust the settings and the thermostat will keep the house at this chosen temperature until the temporary hold gets canceled.

honeywell thermostat says temporary

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How Do I Change My Honeywell Thermostat from Temporarily to Permanent?

While the thermostat is running, increase or decrease the temperature. A message that says ‘hold until’ will appear on the display.

To activate a permanent hold, you would have to click on the message and then choose ‘permanent hold’.

Honeywell Thermostat Hold Not Working

Is your thermostat not able to maintain the chosen temperature during a temporary or permanent hold? This might be because of:

  • Dead batteries
  • Loose wires
  • An unlevel thermostat
  • Dirt and debris
  • A malfunctioning sensor

Why Does My Thermostat Say Hold?

It looks like someone had told the thermostat to ignore the schedule and to maintain the house at a chosen temperature.

Why Does My Thermostat Say Permanent Hold?

A permanent hold means that the thermostat will keep the temperature at a certain setting until you manually change the temperature or cancel the hold.

Unlike a temporary hold that can’t last for more than 12 hours, a permanent hold can, basically, last forever. However, a power issue might make the thermostat return to its normal schedule.

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What Is Hold Button on Honeywell Thermostat?

If there is a designated ‘hold’ button on your Honeywell thermostat, you can use it to lock in the temperature the device is currently at.

hold button on thermostat

Should I Use the Hold Button on My Thermostat?

The hold mode can become useful in one of the following cases:


Even though a thermostat is a smart device, it can’t really tell when you’ll be home celebrating a holiday. So, the hold mode is perfect for these one-day holidays when you have decided to stay home in the middle of the week.

Sick days

The hold mode will help you make sure that the temperature in your house is kept at a comfortable level during the time when the house is usually unoccupied. By the way, you might want to make it a bit hotter or cooler, if you are sick, and the hold mode will help you do that without messing up your thermostat’s whole schedule.

Days when you have guests over

The more people there are in the house, the hotter it can get. During these parties or family gatherings, you might want to set the thermostat to a cooler temperature.


Some thermostats have a special ‘vacation mode’ that you can take advantage of. However, if your model doesn’t have one, you can always use the permanent hold.

The only difference is that a permanent hold won’t be able to automatically resume the normal settings a few hours before you come back home.

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Why Won’t My Honeywell Thermostat Stay On?

A few things can make your thermostat go blank and then come back on again:

  • Weak batteries
  • A blown fuse
  • Faulty or loose wiring
  • A screen backlit LED fault (the thermostat will look like it’s turned off, when in reality – it’s not)
  • Overheating issues
  • Lack of ventilation in the air conditioner
  • A clogged condensate line
  • A low level of refrigerant
  • An issue with the thermostat’s temperature sensor
thermostat battery compartment

What Does Override Mean on Honeywell Thermostat?

To override means to make your thermostat ignore its set schedule for a certain period of time.

To temporarily override the schedule, choose the temporary hold. A permanent override also exists; in such a case, you would have to choose the ‘permanent hold’.

How Do I Manually Override My Honeywell Thermostat?

If your thermostat has a plastic cover, then you would have to pop it open and then use the arrows to adjust the temperature.

Once you have done that, the device will ask you, if you want to hold this temperature and for how long. The thermostat might not ask you anything, in case there is a designated hold button – simply push it once you adjust the temperature.

How Do I Manually Set My Honeywell Thermostat?

  1. Touch the menu tab.
  2. Select ‘schedule’.
  3. Choose the day or period you want your device to be set for. You’ll get to choose a time period or a day of the week.
  4. Use the +/- to set the exact time (it will be changing in 15-minute increments).
  5. Select the temperature tab.
  6. Adjust the temperature and push ‘select’. Hold the button until the screen says ‘done’.
  7. Push ‘select’ again to save the new settings.

Why Does My Thermostat Not Reach Set Temperature?

  • A recalibration issue
  • Loose wiring
  • A dirty or unlevel thermostat
  • Wrong thermostat location
  • Airflow issues
  • Your HVAC unit is too small for the house

How Do You Know If Your Honeywell Thermostat Is Bad?

Here are a few tell-tales that your Honeywell thermostat had gone bad:

  • The device has no power
  • The HVAC system won’t turn on or off
  • The thermostat is unable to make correct readings
  • The device is unresponsive
  • The thermostat and the HVAC system are short-cycling
  • The device keeps ‘forgetting’ the programmed settings

How Do I Unlock My Honeywell Thermostat Without the Code?

For the T4 Pro model, the code will be 1234.

To find the code on the T6 Pro Series, you would have to remove the faceplate and find the four-digit code on the top of the base (in the right corner).

For the Honeywell 8000 series thermostats:

  1. Press SYSTEM and AUTO simultaneously.
  2. Hold the blank lower center button. The display should change.
  3. Use the up and down button to change the left digits to 0670.
  4. Change the right digit to 0.
  5. Press DONE.

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How Do You Set the Temperature on a Honeywell Thermostat?

All you would have to do to change the temperature on your thermostat is push the up and down arrows or the +/- buttons. Keep doing that until you see the desired temperature on the display.