How to Override a Trane Thermostat?

At times, you might need your thermostat to forget about its settings and make the house a bit cooler or hotter. The good news is that overriding a Trane thermostat is relatively easy.

The Timed Override feature can be activated on your Trane thermostat by pressing the up and down arrows 2 times. After that, you will get to choose your preferred settings; once that’s done, wait for 10 seconds to save the settings and exit to the home screen. 

What Does Override Mean on a Thermostat?

Programmable thermostats follow a certain schedule. They will change the temperature in accordance with the time of the day, the day of the week, and the season.

When you install a new thermostat, the smart device starts learning more about your habits and your preferences. In only about a few days, the thermostat will come up with a schedule created especially for you.

Such a schedule will certainly come in handy. However, there might be a day when you would want the thermostat to change its settings for a few hours or for a bit longer – and that’s when you would have to override your thermostat.

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Can You Override a Thermostat?

You can make any thermostat change its programmed schedule temporarily or permanently. All you would have to do is push the right buttons.

What Does the Override Button Do on a Thermostat?

The override button is the hold button. This button literally places a hold on the thermostat’s current programming.

You can adjust the temperature and tell the thermostat to maintain that new temperature for a certain period of time.

What Does Temporary Override Mean on Trane Thermostat?

You can temporarily override the set schedule of your thermostat whenever you want.

In such a case, the device will hold the set temperature until the hold period expires or the hold gets manually canceled.

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Usually, a temporary hold has a limit of 11 hours. If you need the thermostat to maintain a set temperature for longer, go for a permanent hold.

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What Does Purge Override Mean?

Purging is a process when the air conditioner’s internal lines and hoses get cleared. This is usually done before the unit gets its refrigerant recharged. 

You can override this process by pushing the PURGE OVERRIDE button. Honeywell units, for example, have such a button under the zone panel cover.

How to Override a Trane Thermostat?

Trane thermostats have a Timed Override feature. The TOV allows you to temporarily change the fan mode and the heating and cooling setpoint from the programmed schedule.

In the case of Trane thermostats, this override can be set for up to 23 hours or even 99 days.

  1. Press the up or down arrow 2 times.
  2. Choose the preferred setting with the help of the left and right arrows.
  3. To change the value of the setting, use the up and down arrows.
  4. You can then wait for 10 seconds or hold the blank button for 2 seconds to save the settings and exit.

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How Do I Manually Override My Thermostat?

On the majority of thermostats, you would be able to override the set schedule by simply adjusting the temperature using the up and down arrows or the +/- buttons. 

Override Thermostat on Boiler

All thermostats can be overridden. In such a case, you will be able to have your boiler on or off regardless of the temperature.

However, do bear in mind that the unit won’t stay as efficient if you have chosen to override the thermostat.

How to Cancel Override on Thermostat?

On a Trane thermostat, the Timed Override will get canceled, if:

  • The override time expires
  • You have pressed and held the right or left arrow for 2 seconds
  • You have changed the system selection (Cool, Heat, Auto, EmHeat, Off)

Does a Trane Unit Have a Reset Button?

Trane furnaces usually have a reset button on the top of the limit switch. To locate the element, you would have to remove the unit’s front panel.

Trane air conditioners can have a reset button somewhere along the bottom edge of the actual unit or on the side of the blower motor (you would have to search for a red or yellow button behind the service panel).

How Do You Reset a Trane Thermostat?

If you have a wireless Trane thermostat (XL824/850/1050), then:

  1. Turn off your HVAC system.
  2. Press MENU on the thermostat screen.
  3. Select SETTINGS and then REBOOT.
  4. Select YES and give the system a few minutes to complete the reset.

For any other thermostat model, you can:

  1. Turn off your HVAC system.
  2. Find the thermostat switch at the breaker box.
  3. Flip the switch to OFF and wait for around 30 seconds.
  4. Flip the switch back to ON.
  5. Give the system a few minutes to complete the reset.

How Do You Reset a Trane Thermostat After a Power Outage?

At times, Trane thermostats can get back to factory settings after a power outage. If that ever happens to you, here is what you can do to reset the thermostat for a heat pump system.

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How Do You Remove the Schedule on a Trane Thermostat?

To disable the schedule on your Trane XL824/850/1050 thermostat, you would have to:

  1. Press MENU.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, you will find the on and off toggle. Tap the toggle to move it.
  4. To exit the menu, press EXIT.

Don’t worry, if the screen goes black for a few seconds – it is completely normal. Your thermostat would simply need a few seconds to apply the change. 

Is There a Thermostat That Can Be Locked?

The majority of modern thermostats come with a special feature that allows you to lock the device. This is usually done to make sure that no one changes the thermostat settings by accident or without your approval.

Bear in mind that the devices that have a screen lock feature only block the changes on the actual screen. Anyone who has access to the mobile app would be able to adjust the settings.

Can You Lock a Thermostat?

To lock the keypad on a programmable Trane thermostat, you should:

  1. Press MENU.
  2. Hold NEXT for 5 seconds.
  3. Press OK when you see ‘set code’.
  4. Come up with a 4-digit code (the default one is 0000). Use the UP and DOWN or the NEXT button to enter the new code.
  5. To activate the lock, press OK.

How to Unlock Trane Thermostat?

To unlock your thermostat, push the + and – buttons simultaneously and hold them for around 5 seconds.

If you have forgotten the code for the thermostat, then you would have to:

  1. Remove the device’s front panel.
  2. Locate two black buttons (you’ll find them below the battery compartment).
  3. Push the left button (it should be labeled as HW RST).
  4. Put the front panel back in the place.
  5. Now that the thermostat is unlocked, you would have to re-enter the date and time.
  6. If the screen is still locked, you can try entering ‘0000’.

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How Do You Unlock a Trane Touch Screen Thermostat?

  1. Find an icon of a locked padlock on the screen and press it.
  2. Press OK.
  3. Use the UP and DOWN and the NEXT buttons to enter the code.
  4. Press OK – the padlock icon will disappear. 

How Do You Jump a Thermostat Wire?

You can bypass the thermostat with the help of a jumper wire. If your HVAC system wasn’t properly functioning and started operating perfectly fine after you have connected the jumper wire, then your thermostat had gone bad and you might have to replace it. 

Where Is Hold Button on Trane Thermostat?

Some Trane thermostats have an on/off toggle in the lower right corner of the screen.

You can also override your thermostat’s schedule from the mobile application or the web portal.