ArcoAire vs. Goodman: Pros and Cons? What To Choose?

A home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system significantly impact how comfortable the residents are. Selecting the right HVAC system for your home is a critical decision, not to mention a major expense regarding acquisition and running costs. It can be pretty challenging to determine which HVAC system is best for your home, but this guide will review the pros and cons of two relatively affordable brands: ArcoAire and Goodman.

Goodman manufactures some of the most affordable HVAC systems in the market with decent reliability and warranties. However, ArcoAire offers more models to choose from and is generally quieter. Despite both brands being budget-friendly, neither can boast about having class-leading efficiency.

If you’re looking for an HVAC system that won’t break the bank, this article will help you decide which brand is best for you. Continue reading to learn more about ArcoAire and Goodman as a company and some of the benefits and compromises associated with their products.   

Brand Overview

Having an HVAC system installed in your home isn’t cheap, and using equipment made by popular brands can quickly rack costs up to astronomical figures. Fortunately, some reputable brands are reasonably priced. Such brands include ArcoAire and Goodman.

Both brands have comparable efficiency ratings and performance, but the main difference is that ArcoAire offers more centralized air conditioning units, while Goodman has more split-type air conditioners.  

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ArcoAire Air Conditioning and Heating

ArcoAire have been owned by the International Comfort Products Corporation (ICP), a United Technologies Corporation (UTC) subsidiary, since 1999. UTC is the parent company of well-known HVAC brands like AirQuest, Bryant, Heil, and Tempest. It also owned Carrier until it became an independent company in 2020.

ArcoAire products include air conditioners, gas and oil furnaces, air purifiers, heat pumps, and thermostats, to name a few. Their line-up is mostly central air conditioners, ranging from budget to premium offerings, with SEER ratings from 13 to 19.

Below are the two model ranges for their air conditioners:

  • Ion Series: These premium air-conditioners are ArcoAire’s quietest and offer the latest features and most extended warranties.
  • Performance Series: These economical air conditioners cater to those with a budget while offering decent comfort and performance.

Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating

Goodman Manufacturing has been around since 1975 and has been making air conditioners since 1982. Daikin Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer of HVAC systems, acquired the company in 2012.

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A year after the death of its founder, Harold V. Goodman, Goodman Manufacturing acquired Amana Corporation, which also manufactures HVAC systems. However, Goodman remains to be the more budget-oriented alternative.

Goodman also manufactures gas furnaces and heat pumps, aside from air-conditioners. Their range of air-conditioners currently consists of twelve different split-type models with SEER ratings from 13 to 24.5

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ArcoAire Pros and Cons

ArcoAire offers a wide range of air conditioners ranging from economical to premium modelsArcoAire SEER ratings are comparably lower than other brands
All air conditioners have a 10-year Limited Parts WarrantyReplacement warranties are only available with ArcoAire’s premium line
All models use R-410A refrigerant
ArcoAire air conditioners are reasonably priced
ArcoAire air conditioners are made from corrosion-resistant materials
Centralized air conditioners can increase the value of your home

Whether you prioritize the latest tech and features or you’re after an air conditioner that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, you should be able to find something from ArcoAire’s wide range of models.  

ArcoAire air conditioners start around $2,000 (without installation), but they also offer high-end models that operate at 56 decibels with enhanced home comfort levels and feature communicating abilities. Central air conditioners can also increase your property value by as much as 10%.  

ArcoAire air conditioners have a 10-year limited parts warranty, which means you will have to shoulder labor costs in the event of repairs. Only air conditioners from their Ion Series have replacement warranties, ranging from 3 to 5 years, depending on the model.  

Let’s take a closer look at one of ArcoAire’s entry-level offerings, the Performance 13 Central Air Conditioner.

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ArcoAire Performance 13 Central Air Conditioner (N4A3)

Made of galvanized steel with baked-on powder coating designed for corrosion resistance and lasting performanceLimited comfort features
Inlet grille panel design lets you clean the coil with easeLow SEER rating
Compatible with most cooling thermostatsNot eligible for installation in some regions due to efficiency standards
Comes with system protecting filter drierSound level rating is relatively high
Accessible control panel and service valves
Factory charged with R-410A refrigerant
Meets AHRI certification performance requirements


  • Type: Central Air Conditioner
  • Efficiency: 13 SEER
  • Energy Certified: No
  • Cooling Capacity BTU: 18000 Btu/H
  • Compressor: Single Stage
  • Liquid Line Connection Size: ⅜ inch (0.95 cm)
  • Suction Line: ¾ inch (1.91 cm)
  • Sound Level Rating: 74dB
  • Fan Motor: Single Speed

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Goodman Pros and Cons

Goodman air conditioners are some of the most affordable in the marketGoodman air conditioners do not have a strong reputation when it comes to durability
They offer some of the most comprehensive warranties among HVAC manufacturers, and most of their products have a replacement warrantyThe features and specs of Goodman air conditioners are pretty limited, so it may not appeal to those seeking utmost comfort and the latest technology.
Goodman has a vast network of dealers and installers across the countryGoodman air conditioners are comparably louder than other brands.
All models use R-410A refrigerant
Split-type air conditioners are easier to maintain. 

If your primary concern is keeping your purchase cost down, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something more affordable than a Goodman air conditioner. You can get an entry-level Goodman air conditioner for a little over $1,000 (without installation). The only catch is that you may have to forego some comfort features you would find on more expensive units.

Despite their relatively low price tags, Goodman air conditioners have some of the best warranties in the market. Some Goodman air conditioners even come with a 2-year replacement warranty aside from the 10-year limited warranty for parts. However, you would be lucky if your Goodman air conditioning unit lasted more than 15 years.

Since Goodman air conditioners are split-type, one advantage is not having to worry about inspecting and cleaning the ductwork. 

Let’s take a closer look at one of Goodman’s entry-level offerings, the GSX 13 Split Air Conditioner.

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Goodman GSX 13 Split Air Conditioner

Factory-installed liquid line filter drierLimited comfort features
Meets AHRI certification performance requirementsLow SEER rating
Complies with ETL North American safety standardsSound level rating is relatively high
Copper coil tubing 
Accessible control panel and service valves
Factory charged with R-410A refrigerant


  • Type: Split Air Conditioner
  • Efficiency: 13 SEER
  • Energy Certified: No
  • Cooling Capacity BTU: 19000 Btu/H
  • Compressor: Single Stage
  • Liquid Line Connection Size: ⅜ inch (0.95 cm)
  • Suction Line: ¾ inch (1.91 cm)
  • Sound Level Rating: 75dB
  • Fan Motor: Single Speed

Final Thoughts

Goodman and ArcoAire have been around long enough to establish a name for themselves. Goodman air conditioners are perfect for budget-conscious consumers, while ArcoAire offers an extensive range of products at reasonable prices.  

Hence, your decision may boil down to the type of air conditioner better suits your needs.