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Ecobee Thermostat Not Reading Correctly? 

If you own an Ecobee thermostat, you may attest that the company designs and produces state-of-the-art devices. When operating correctly, the devices read and regulate your house’s temperature by controlling your heating and cooling devices at your discretion. However, in some instances, your Ecobee thermostat may run into issues that disrupt the accuracy of its temperature readings.

If your Ecobee thermostat is not reading the temperature correctly, it might be caused by incorrect placement of the thermostat or dead batteries. It might also need recalibration. If there’s an issue with the sensor, you can check its status on the thermostat screen or on your smartphone app.

If you are having trouble with the readings on your Ecobee thermostat, don’t panic. The rest of this article will explain the cause of these inaccurate figures and suggest solutions to fix your device.

1. The Thermostat Is Experiencing Communication Issues

The most common reason for incorrect temperature readings on your Ecobee thermostat is possible communication issues with the sensors.

Ecobee thermostats are connected to wireless sensors that depend on a stable Wi-Fi connection to relay information. The sensors read the room temperature and transmit the readings that are then displayed on your thermostat. In normal circumstances, the information passed from the sensors should lead to accurate temperature readings.

However, wireless connections aren’t free of errors, and there can be communication issues between the sensors and thermostat, causing it to display inaccurate readings. These issues need to be fixed immediately to resume normal function.

How to Fix?

If your Ecobee thermostat is experiencing communication issues, an easy fix is resetting and recalibrating the device.

  1. Reset your thermostat sensor by removing its batteries and letting it rest for around thirty seconds. 
  2. Once you reinstall the batteries, the thermostat will show a green light and ask you to pair the sensor. 
  3. Select ‘Yes,’ and the pairing will commence. 

If the thermostat still gives inaccurate readings, you’ll need to recalibrate your thermostat’s temperature.

  1. Click Menu on the device’s main screen and proceed to Settings.
  2. Go to Installation Settings and click on Thresholds.
  3. Choose Temperature Corrections and adjust the temperature to your liking.

Ultimately, your thermostat will read correctly if it is experiencing a communication issue. If you’re having difficulties, here’s a video to guide you on calibrating your device:

2. Wrong Placement

Another common reason for wrong readings on your Ecobee thermostat is the location of the sensors. Placing your thermostat sensors in the right place in your house is essential for getting accurate readings. 

Ideally, your Ecobee thermostat sensors should be placed on a surface that is free from obstructions from household items. Furniture, decorations, or any other item lying close to your sensors could cause disruptions and lead to incorrect readings on your thermostat.

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Placing your sensors near devices that have an effect on their surrounding temperature could also disrupt the readings.

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How to Fix?

If badly placed sensors cause inaccurate readings on your Ecobee thermostat, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with your device. Fixing the issue is as simple as changing your sensors’ location or surroundings.

If your thermostat just started giving incorrect readings after you redecorated your home, chances are that you unknowingly placed an obstacle in the way of its sensors. It might be a newly acquired fine china, curtain, or furniture. 

Check for possible impediments and move them to restore your sensor’s functionality. Alternatively, you could move your sensor to an obstacle-free convenient location within the room.

If the errors persist, investigate the direction of the room’s airflow. In some instances, your Ecobee thermostat sensors could be directly below an air vent. Being close to an area that receives direct heat or cool air can cause incorrect readings.

Simply move the device to a neutral area within the room to fix the problem.

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3. Batteries Need Replacement

Suppose you’ve already recalibrated your Ecobee thermostat and placed the sensors in an obstruction-free area, but it still doesn’t give accurate readings. In that case, it might be time to replace the device’s batteries.

Ecobee thermostats work on long-lasting, efficient batteries, so if they need replacement, you most likely have used them for a long time.

Luckily, you don’t have to guess whether the batteries’ juice is used up or not. You can confirm the sensor’s power level on the thermostat screen and take the appropriate steps. If the power level is low, your thermostat may not have enough power to properly measure the temperature in a room. 

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How to Fix?

It is relatively easy to replace worn-out Ecobee batteries. All you need is a fresh pair of 3-volt CR-2032, which the thermostats operate on.

  1. Gently pull off the circular cap at the back of your Ecobee thermostat.
  2. Remove the old batteries and let the thermostat sit untouched for about half a minute.
  3. Insert the new 3-volt CR-2032 batteries.
  4. Let the thermostat pair with the sensors.

After changing the batteries, your thermostat should reset and revert to giving correct readings. Here is a video that demonstrates how to change your Ecobee thermostat’s batteries effectively:

4. Cold Air Behind the Thermostat

Cold air blowing at the back of your thermostat could lead to incorrect temperature readings on your device. The cold air typically compromises the temperature around the thermostat, culminating in low-temperature readings that don’t match the room.

The cold air is usually caused by holes in the wall, which accumulate cool air and direct it to the back plate of your Ecobee thermostat. The cold air could eventually damage your device if you don’t act quickly.

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How to Fix?

If your thermostat’s readings have been compromised by cool air from a wall cavity, all you have to do is repair the hole with an outlet sealer. Your thermostat readings will revert back to normal. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Shut off the power, carefully unmount the thermostat from the wall and check for cavities.
  2. Invert your outlet sealer can and direct the tube to the hole.
  3. Gently pull the trigger releasing the foam to fill up the hole in the wall and let it sit and cure for about two hours.
  4. Cut off the excess dried-up foam and re-install your thermostat.

You could also use clay or putty to fill the wall cavity and prevent inaccurate thermostat readings, but outlet sealers are more accessible and affordable. Here is a video on how to uninstall and reinstall your Ecobee thermostat to guide you in the process:

5. Poor Internet Connection

Sometimes the readings on the Ecobee smartphone app connected to your device may give inaccurate temperature readings, which is frustrating. Although the Ecobee app has state-of-the-art features that allow you to operate your thermostat remotely, it is useless without a good internet connection.

A poor internet connection may result in you not getting an accurate temperature reading. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that your thermostat or sensors are not working as they should.

How to Fix?

Securing a stable Wi-Fi connection is the easiest fix to get accurate readings on your smartphone app. If you are experiencing a weak signal, get closer to the router, and the readings should auto-correct.

If you have internet issues, try resetting your Wi-Fi by switching off the router and turning it back on, or call your internet provider to fix the problem. Once your internet is back up, your devices will sync and get accurate readings.

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There are several reasons why your Ecobee thermostat might be giving incorrect readings. Some of them are related to the device’s components, while others are due to external factors.

Make sure you understand the cause of the incorrect readings before taking action. I have listed the most common ones in this article, together with their fixes. However, if you’re still uncertain about the issue, avoid taking a risk and call a professional.