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How Do Smart Air Conditioners Work?

Are you looking for a high-tech way to stay cool? Then smart air conditioners might be the right fit for you!

Smart Air Conditioners uses Wi-Fi technology and the internet to help you control the temperature in your house in a variety of ways. They stay connected to your mobile device which makes it possible for you to control the air con remotely via a smartphone or a tablet.

How do these conditioners work? How much does such technology cost and, ultimately, is a smart air conditioner worth it? 

We will help you make up your mind.

What Is Smart Air Conditioning?

In a nutshell, smart air conditioners are ACs that are able to connect to different smart appliances (your smartphone, tablet, or Alexa, for example), in order to better control the temperature in your house.

By the way, such devices look very much like regular air conditioners, except for the fact that they are usually mounted to walls or windows, instead of being centrally located in the house.

The best thing about smart air conditioning is that you will be able to program it to cool on your terms and it doesn’t matter whether you are inside or outside at that very moment. 

The main feature that makes an air conditioner smart is the ability to connect to Wi-Fi.

By the way, the majority of such air cons come in small sizes. That means that you might have to buy a separate device for each unit – it’s not exactly a downside as you’ll be able to control the temperature in every room and make sure that it meets your requirements.

Fun fact: a regular AC can sometimes be used with smart thermostats. The latter sense the air in the room and ‘tell’ the air conditioner when it’s time to start cooling.

Is a Smart AC Worth It?

To help you figure out if it is worth investing in a smart air conditioner in your specific case, we have come up with a convenient list of the main pros and cons of this device. 

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The Pros of Smart ACs

  • Convenience

The main aim of a smart air conditioner is to make your life much easier. The room’s heating and cooling can easily be controlled from anywhere with the help of your phone or tablet.

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By the way, some smart air cons can be controlled via voice commands. 

Another huge plus is that you wouldn’t have to change the temperature settings multiple times throughout the day. Smart ACs can maintain the preferred temperature automatically.

  • Energy and long-term cost savings

A smart AC will slow down as soon as the room’s preferred temperature is reached. That means that the device doesn’t need to work at full capacity all the time, which helps you save both energy and money on your electricity bills.

This air con also automatically shuts down, whenever you don’t need it.

So, even though the initial price for such an AC is pretty high, you will be able to save on energy costs throughout the conditioner’s lifespan.

Fact: 6% of all electricity produced in the United States is used on air conditioning.

  • Energy-efficiency

Smart air cons are great because they are able to deliver the ideal temperature settings exactly when required. The device switches to a low, energy-efficient mode whenever it has such an opportunity (for example, when you are about to return home from work).

  • Reduced carbon footprint

As smart ACs are more energy-efficient than regular air conditioners, they also emit much less CO2 into our atmosphere.

  • More effective maintenance

If you want your air con to serve you for as long as possible, you have to make sure that the device undergoes regular maintenance

With smart air conditioners, it is much easier to ensure that your device is in its peak condition thanks to special apps.

Such applications will, for example, tell you when a clean-up is required.

The Cons of Smart ACs

  • Price

Smart technology is new in the air conditioning industry, thus, it is still relatively expensive.

  • Installation

The installation process is quite difficult and can also be pricey. Moreover, some types of smart ACs can take up valuable space – a window unit, for example, has to be installed in the lower half which means that you won’t be able to use the window.

  • You might need multiple units

Smart air cons do not work centrally. In order to cool an entire house or an office space, you might need to splurge on a few units. 

Hint: a smart thermostat can be a great alternative if you have central air conditioning. 

How Do Wi-Fi Air Conditioners Work?

All you would have to do is download a special app to your smartphone or tablet. The smart air conditioner, in its turn, will also connect to the internet.

You can now easily control the device’s functionality via the application or even by voice with the help of a voice assistant or a smart home system. 

Features of a Smart Air Conditioner

Geolocation feature

If you decide to let the smart air con use your phone’s geolocation, the AC will be able to automatically shut down whenever you leave the house and start operating again once you get closer to the house. 

Smart home integration

A smart air con can be paired with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and other smart home systems so that you are able to control the AC with your voice.

Moreover, you can set the air con to work alongside other connected devices. For example, if it gets hot outside, the home system will not only make your AC work but will also pull down the blinds.  

Smart weekly scheduling

With different smart devices, you can take advantage of schedules. You can make the unit operate only once you arrive from work (if you tend to get home at the same time) or set a schedule along with your alarm clock.

Usage details

You are going to have the usage history and all statistics at the tip of your fingers.

The numbers can help you make smarter decisions and start saving even more on electricity bills. The statistics can also be an indicator of when the AC needs tuning.

Intelligent triggers and smart modes

The best smart air conditioners come not only with such modes as cool, fan, heat, eco, and dry but also with more advanced options.

For example, some smart ACs have a ‘comfy mode’ that can be set to your preferences. The device will remember your favorite settings and automatically adjust them as the weather changes. 

How Do You Hook Up a Smart Air Conditioner?

Step 1 – Download the app

  • Download the required application for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Create a Wi-Fi account, if you don’t have one. In case you already have an account, select ‘Sign In’.

Step 2 – Connect your smart air conditioner

  • Once you have signed in, you would have to find the ‘add an appliance’ button. 
  • Choose the type of air conditioner that you have and press next.
  • Now, turn your AC on and press the ‘Wi-Fi connect’ button. Usually, an LED light will start flashing.
  • Find a label that contains the network name and the password somewhere on the actual air con.
  • Type in the password from the label.
  • You will then be asked to join a specific network via your phone.
  • A solid LED light and a message in the application will signify that the AC has been connected to your smartphone.

This is what the process looks like in general. But make sure to consult the instructions that came with your smart conditioner anyway.

How Much Does a Smart Air Conditioner Cost?

Smart air conditioners are usually more expensive than regular ACs. The cost will depend on a variety of factors – the type, size, brand, and so on.

Bear in mind that some devices are considered ‘smart’ only because they are able to connect to Wi-Fi. If you want to take advantage of all the features mentioned above, you would have to search for a more advanced model.

Typically, the prices for a smart air conditioner start at around $300.

An LG Dual Inverter Smart Wi-Fi Air Conditioner will cost you over $500.

A Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner – more than $399.

Tip: if you already have an air con, you can make it smart by buying a separate device that is going to be sending commands to the actual air conditioner.

To Sum Up

How do smart air conditioners work? 

These devices use Wi-Fi technology. This feature helps you control the temperature in your house through a smartphone or a tablet even when you are away.

Smart air conditioners are extremely convenient, efficient, and are relatively easy to keep in great condition.

The main disadvantage of a smart AC is the price tag, but do bear in mind that such technology will help you save on your electricity bills in the future.