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How To Position Fans To Cool a Room With AC?

Coming home to a refreshingly cooled house after a hot, humid day is like coming home to paradise. It is welcoming to the senses and promises a great night’s sleep. Nevertheless, you want your home to be cooled efficiently and safely.

You can position your fans near the window or AC vent to cool your room more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, you can use a tower fan or air circulator for additional airflow. Lastly, pointing the fan toward the floor displaces the hot air to cool the room in minutes.

Positioning a fan strategically with an air conditioner can save more power, and your air conditioner will run more efficiently. Doing this will save you money and provide you with a reviving oasis. I’ll expand on the tips mentioned above to explain how to position fans to cool a room with AC.

1. Place the Fan Near the Window

A window provides a nice breezy area for airflow. Placing the fan near the window’s large size is best to improve air circulation. 

Window air conditioners work better with the help of a fan. Placing a fan by each window unit will cool the room quickly. As a result, the air conditioner won’t have to work as hard or as long.

2. Place the Fan Near the AC Vent

Placing a fan near the AC vent will also provide added relief. The air will circulate effortlessly and will add some assistance to the air conditioner unit. Setting a fan near a window or vent is the perfect solution when a ceiling fan is unavailable

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3. Make Use of Pedestal and Box Fans

Box fans are right at floor level. They are the perfect choice to move cool air upward. Most have robust power and will assist in cooling a room rapidly. It is necessary to have pedestal fans that are tall and slender to circulate air throughout a room without a large footprint. Most can have the height adjusted and are light enough to be mobile. 

Select an oscillating fan to provide even better airflow. A fan rotating side to side instead of always being stuck in one position benefits your air conditioning unit even more.

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4. Use a Tower Fan or Air Circulator 

Pedestal fans are designed to be tall and slender to circulate air through a room without taking up significant space. 

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A tower fan will push the air vertically and cover a larger area. Air conditioning will quickly reach the hot spots. Air circulators function similarly to fans and come in various shapes and sizes. They have a much stronger wind current than a fan, however.

One of the top tower fans and air circulators is the Vornado Air Circulator Tower Fan (available on Amazon.com). It comes in two sizes and has a remote control.

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5. Use More Than One Fan

Using two fans is more common when air conditioning is not available. However, if the room is relatively large, two fans are better than one; just don’t place them near each other. They should be placed diagonally from one another. Two ceiling fans can be put to use with or without air conditioning.

6. Point the Fan Toward the Floor

Hot air rises, so it is best to point the fan toward the floor where the cooler air resides. The coolness will be whipped around the room, displacing warmer air. A box fan is best for doing this.

7. Position the Fan at a 90-Degree Angle

Warm air is lighter than cold air. Therefore, cooler air will be directed toward the floor, and the goal is to have it rise. A table fan can typically bend at a 90-degree angle to achieve this purpose. Some can even turn 180 degrees. Whatever amount it takes to push the air upwards will produce a more comfortable room temperature.

As I have repeatedly emphasized, it is scientifically proven that warm air is lighter than cooler air. Here is a short video explaining the reasoning:

You now know that adequately positioned fans and air conditioners can be allies. Maintaining specific settings to maximize benefits and minimize energy consumption is imperative. If your fan and AC’s airflow cancel each other out, you’ll get the opposite effect.

Follow These Suggestions for Optimal Performance

  • Adjust your thermostat. Adjust the thermostat on your air conditioning unit to a higher temperature. Raising the temperature by just one degree can lead to about 5% savings.
  • Close all windows and doors. Be sure all your windows and doors are firmly shut. You want to keep all the cold air in the house that your fan and air conditioning unit is working in tandem to produce.
  • Turn off the fans when not at home. Make sure you turn off your fans when leaving your home. Fans circulate air. If no one is home, there is no reason to circulate the air and waste energy.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Fan

  • Choose an aesthetically pleasing fan. Always select an appropriately sized fan for the room. For example, a wall fan should show nicely if the room is small. For a larger space, a standing fan would appear comfortable.
  • Purchase a high-quality fan. A higher-priced fan is a better investment. They are made of better materials and have a much higher wind speed. Additionally, they are more elegant in design.
  • Consider the size of the fan’s propellers. The more expansive the fan’s propellor, the greater the wind speed. However, selecting a medium-sized blade should be acceptable for home use.
  • Select a strong neck handle. A thick handle will prevent the fan from falling.
  • Make sure the fan is quiet. Silence is golden, especially when sleeping!
  • Examine the plug on the fan. Before purchasing, always check to be sure the fan’s plug is in sync with your home socket. Otherwise, it will not work.
  • Always buy a trusted brand.  There is something to be said about customer loyalty. Do your research. Purchase the fan in person rather than online. This way, you can be sure you make the proper selection and will not have to pay return postage.

For a high-quality standing fan, I recommend the Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Oscillating Fan (available on Amazon.com). Rowenta is a trusted fan brand. This fan has five speeds and is very quiet. It comes with a remote control allowing you to control the speed and direction of the fan.

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Final Thoughts

It’s possible to create a harmonious balance between an air conditioner and a fan using both simultaneously. I discussed seven ways to position a fan with air conditioning to cool a room. Placing your fan near a window is one of the most crucial ways discussed. Properly using a box or pedestal fans was another great idea presented.

Raising the temperature on your air conditioner thermostat will allow you to save money on your energy bills when assisted by a fan. Keeping all doors and windows tightly closed is also essential to keep the room cool. 

Selecting the right fan for the area to be cooled is also important. Purchasing a high-quality fan is essential and will save you money in the long term.